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Methi Mutter Malai

I happened to read a blog( I can’t find the link now) about planting your own salad and thought of giving it a try. So next time when internet was not working  on a holiday , unfortunately that’s the only time I do something remotely constructive in the real world, I planted some Methi in a recent empty icecream tub ( yeah..I actualKitchen Gardenly have 3 of those boxes, the reason why I have to eat salads) and some peas in a yoghurt tub ( as suggested by the blog) on my kitchen window sill. Methi is not a regular salad choice but I could not resist the childhood charm of  sowing methi seeds and watch the rapidly growing tiny sprouts..most of us did that on Diwali Killa.  And I was not disappointed this time too..the delight of watching the greens grow every morning as you brewed the first refreshing cup of chai was a welcome start to the regular adult grown-up day!

Though all of the peas did not sprout, probably coz I used the dried “watana” commonly used in kitchens, the delicate pea sapling is a visual treat . I am hoping for some few salad  leaves & a small pea pod if I am lucky. Next time around, I would follow the blog’s advice to get some organic peas from a gardening shop.

The other cool thing is that smaller flying insects which abound in kitchens in monsoons rest on the leaves, sparing the milk, bananas etc.

I am not a person with green hands.. I have managed to kill almost all house plants over the years much to chagrin of my family, but this nano garden is flourishing and making me smile every morning.

 Give it a try!!


Planting for dummies ( if anybody belongs to this club besides me):

1. Take an old plastic container, used tubs etc. and punch 2- 3 holes. (A screw driver would do that)

2. Line the container with pebbles & pour some sand over them.

3. Add good quality garden soil on top till 3/4th of the tub is filled. You can  get it from a nursery etc. so that the plants have enough nutrients in the limited tub soil.

4. sow the seeds by lightly pressing the seeds into the soil.

5. Put the tubs on your kitchen windows/ side counters/ desks where they would get some sunlight. You can place a dish/bowl below them to keep the place clean.

5. Water & pray to “Green Gods” once a day 🙂


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A day to note

Note to myself:

Don’t ever commit yourself to an obscene gluttony  such that 17 hours after the meal you still feel like a python digesting its lunch deer..

The culprit: An all-you-can-eat buffet spread with fresh sea-food corner, succulent tikkas,tender lamb, pastas and more than 6 varieties of desserts..the chocolate cinnamon cake with burnt caramel was rapturous.  If you want to be a partner in crime head out to Le Meridian,Pune.  Its a steal at Rs. 760(couldn’t manage to add the new rupee symbol 😦 )  all costs inclusive 🙂

P.S. : The pastry-nankatai breakfast, spicy lamb homemade curry lunch & McD burger evening snack have done their bit too.

Phewww,  I have the courage to type all this just coz I am supposed to resume my gym this week 😛

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Weekend Discoveries

1. VimaanNagar CCD, next to ICICI Bank : its spacious than almost all the CCD’s around the city. Cool cafe ambience, electic music , decent snack spread, usual coffees and smokers can rejoice with huge open air area. The road in front is still to be expanded, so lots of parking space. A grt way to relax on a saturday evening.

2. Dominos Non-veg extravanganza pizza: A sinful, cheese-laden (we went overboard with cheese burst option) pizza. Is generously loaded with chicken tikka pieces, barbequed chicken , kheema & olives. A medium pizza with all the topping will cost arnd 400/-, its worth it. Add coke, bean bag , nice TP flick and…. you are set in Sunday paradise. 

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