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भुगोलाची किमया की माझी तिन्हीसांज आणि आईची पहाट म्हणजे एकच वेळ..WhatsApp चा नेहमीचा धुमाकोळ आणि त्यातच मग कधीतरी अशी आई कडून नेमकी हाक..
(मला कायमची आठवण म्हणून इथे ब्लॉग वर ही कविता आणि कदाचित अजुन कोणाला तरी पण तितकीच भावेन..)

चिऊताई दार उघड..
दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई
चिऊताई दार उघड !

दार असं लावून,
जगावरती कावून,
किती वेळ डोळे मिटून आत बसशील?
आपलं मन आपणच खात बसशील ?

वारा आत यायलाच हवा!
मोकळा श्वास घ्यायलाच हवा !

दार उघड,
दार उघड,
चिऊताई चिऊताई, दार उघड !

फुलं जशी असतात,
तसे काटेही असतात.
सरळ मार्ग असतो,
तसे फाटेही असतात !

गाणाऱ्या मैना असतात.
पांढरे शुभ्र बगळे असतात.
कधी कधी कर्कश्य काळे
कावळेच फ़क्त सगळे असतात .

कावळ्याचे डावपेच पक्के असतील.
त्याचे तुझ्या घरट्याला धक्के बसतील .

तरीसुद्धा या जगात वावरावंच लागतं.
आपलं मन आपल्यालाच सावरावं लागतं .

दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई,
चिऊताई दार उघड !

सगळंच कसं होणार
आपल्या मनासारखं?
आपलं सुद्धा आपल्याला
होत असतं परकं !

मोर धुंद नाचतो म्हणून
आपण का सुन्न व्हायचं?
कोकीळ सुंदर गातो म्हणून
आपण का खिन्न व्हायचं ?

तुलना करित बसायचं नसतं गं
प्रत्येकाचं वेगळेपण असतं गं !

प्रत्येकाच्या आत
फुलणारं फूल असतं.
प्रत्येकाच्या आत
खेळणारं मूल असतं !

फुलणा-या फुलासाठी,
खेळणा-या मुलासाठी ,

दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई
चिऊताई दार उघड !

निराशेच्या पोकळीमध्ये
काहीसुद्धा घडत नाही.
आपलं दार बंद म्हणून
कुणाचंच अडत नाही !

आपणच आपला मग
द्वेष करू लागतो
आपल्याच अंधाराने
आपलं मन भरू लागतो

पहाटेच्या रंगात तुझं घरटं न्हालं.
तुला शोधित फुलपाखरु नाचत आलं .

चिऊताई चिऊताई
तुला काहीच कळलं नाही .

तुझं दार बंद होतं.
डोळे असून अंध होतं .

बंद घरात बसून कसं चालेल?
जगावरती रुसून कसं चालेल ?

दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई
चिऊताई दार उघड !

– मंगेश पाडगावकर


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We all celebrate days to mark & celebrate something which has already happened in our life.

What if we sometimes just reversed it?

Celebrate a hope..a dream, pick a day..maybe even today and then do exactly what you would do, if that dream had been already realized. Go have the celebratory drink for landing the dream job which you will land next year…get a nice dress two sizes smaller which you will fit 6 months later.. buy a compass if you plan to travel when you retire 25 years from now…fill a virtual shopping  cart with the ring which you hope to slip on the “one”‘s  finger someday.

While still being grounded in reality nothing should stop us from nurturing  our hope..celebrating it when it is yet to be tarnished by patina of reality. Dare to imagine. And most important for a tiny slice of time, believe it’s come true.

Maybe that is all the coaxing  our dreams really need to burst on in our lives 🙂


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There are hardly one or two situations in life when the buck totally stops with you.

The world tells you to trust your instincts and judgment and keep on doing the best.

But what if I instinctively don’t trust my instincts all that much? It seems a too flimsy thing when so much is at stake.

Everyday you make tiny choices which you think are best for the greater good and then deal with the anxiety if you have done right and hopefully everything will fall into place.

And maybe when you can’t do anything more ..you blog about it. 🙂

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Reminder to self…

Before you ever complain to your son about being too independent, not having to do much with his Mama…remember that you wished it yourself in the January of 2014 🙂

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An encounter

Something which happened a couple of months back and was in my drafts..

I was sitting in Sancheti canteen after my work..
Hospitals nowadays make me anxious..I go many more times than I would like..even if it’s routine they put me out.

I just wanted to sit peacefully and complete a meal..there was chaos at home and knew had to return to it.

Canteen was packed and I was sitting in a corner table for 4. Took out my kindle and waited for waiter..
One lady stopped and said would you mind…
I thought Mumbai style..OK baith jaiye and returned to my book.

She began are you a doctor here? ( I get that very often even outside hospitals. Ppl think I am a doc)
I said no. Patient? No
She said I am. I:OK. I just wanted her to shut up
Then after a minute…she said hey you and me both have  a mole on our lips same way…and we are sitting across each other 
I had to smile but still didn’t say anything
Then the need to talk was bouncing off her
I thought of how I bore people with my talks and so kept away my Kindle and began talking…
And she began..had frozen shoulder.. Married 23 years ex national rifle champion..
Big joint family ..first time sick and family not supportive
Feels very lonely ki all effort was waste all these years
And she talked so much..I was just nodding and doing oohh..aahh
Finally docs have told her to get B12 and Vitamin D injections and she was worried as if it was fatal…
Now I am sort of an expert with all this stuff and told her it was routine
Take care of yourself..find time for yourself..blah blah

I finished my meal before her..she was so relieved and grateful..was ready to pay my bill for being such a good listener..
Now I almost know everything about her including her mid-life sex crisis…

But not her name.
We didn’t exchange names.

But the mole was exact.. All these years have never seen anybody exactly that way.

Interestingly..she looked at me and said..you are so young, sitting confidently, self assured listening and giving perfect advice to somebody 20 years older than you.

That is perception.

In my mind’s eye..I was a tired 31 year old..with a mind of 50 year old wondering how am I going to cope with everything across countries and unknown changes.

Who knows maybe her perception is reality and mine is the one which is perception. Doesn’t hurt to think that ways, right?

Felt it was sign from God today.. That don’t worry too much..turn it round and give back..you will be better off.
I spent 25 minutes listening to her instead of worrying pointlessly which was much more positive and productive

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Across times..

My tablet shows time as 12:51 p.m. afternoon. It’s closer to 11:30 p.m. of the earlier night here.
It’s more than 15 days that I am living in this timezone but still I feel that the day begins at 6 p.m. when India starts to wake up. The few hours after home wakes up and before I sleep is the time my phone is abuzz with WA pings, Skype chats, hangouts or just the news.
Unlike M who comes home and goes about his evening as it is an evening…I sort of live it like a day has begun in my head somewhere.
This also includes quick checking my phone in the middle of the night if I wake up for a drink of water.
(Ironically I did the same when in India with timezones reversed because M was here for better part of last year. 😛 )
Yup..I get it that my life is just being built here and this will slowly fade as my world is built around this part of the world and its time zone.
Meanwhile the phone blinks…
Maybe in today’s hyperconnected world…this is how homesickness looks like.☺

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Never forget…


A remarkable and inspiring thing to remember each day..

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