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Forces of change

I do almost all my computational activities on a browser or in apps except document editing.
I NEED to see the document offline similar to older habit of pen paper traction to get any work done.
I have always loved using MS Office, detractors aside.
But now I work from my home’s dining table with laptop accessible to my toddler who never fails to jab hibernate button till cold boot…and so after a morning of losing my carefully penned and formatted words..I am shifting to Google Docs though it’s tedious and just not the same ‘fun’ (as much as documents can be) as offline MS office.
Sometimes the forces of change are certainly strange.


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Blogging Heroes

Hey, guessed all fellow bloggers would like to read about this:


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A child drowned while his mom tweeted. She tweeted just before, just after and finally when he passed away. Some people didnt like her twitter devotion, people pointed, she responded in kind Mom updates Twitter as 2-year-old son is dying
I am nobody to judge a mother’s agony and her actions, and I dont. I am quoting the link below because it puts exactly what I feel:
A child is dead. A mother sent Twitter updates. And some who don’t know her criticized her actions.
This is what has been reported. Can anyone make sense of it? Should anyone make sense of it? Or does the very use of Twitter, given its public nature, make everyone fair game for even passing critics?

The minute you tweet, you sacrifice your privacy for the sake of some greater sense of connection, some greater sense of urgency. A tweet is a report, one that will subsequently be re-reported and re-interpreted.

They may call it social media. But the society it brings together isn’t always one of your choosing.

Do my fellow bloggers and tweeters feel the same?

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For all fellow bloggers

2009 Bloggies

Lemme know if you win one ¬†ūüôā¬†
And even if you dont participate, the entries are also worth a look.

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Try living a boring Sunday ..and at the end of it you get a tattoo….dragons are my favourite design..couldnt get a sharper photo though.

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try “show stars above u now”

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Pearls of Wikidom



I have wanted to create my own (which would be hosted on my machine) wiki, after extensively using wikipedia for a long time..for work as well as pleasure (my fav StumbleUpon category is wikipedia). 
After a bit of googling, I decided to try out two wiki packages: phpWiki & MediaWiki 
PhpWiki is a bare-bones text wiki while MediaWiki is a wiki package originally written for Wikipedia. 
So the look & feel is exactly similar to the familiar WikiPedia. 

I decided to try out both as phpWiki is “get-ur -hands-dirty-to-install it” sourceforge project while mediaWiki had a click-happy installer.¬†
phpWiki installation was pretty much similar to other such open source installations espec on Windows, find the right versions, and start with a  roughly hewn installer (if ur lucky), or a .bat file and just go on fixing errors with modifying (hacking is a too strong term) conf files and installing complementary stack apps as needed. For this wiki to run on I had to install, the obvious: php, mysql and a web server, I already had tomcat, apache would do fine too (again find the right versions to install). Once these were installed successfully, the php scripts for the wiki were a breeze and I had the wiki running ready.

MediaWiki was the easiest to install. BitNami is dedicated to creating easy installers for open source projects n wow..they do it really well..they have a Bitnami stack = LAMP + Open Source App + Installer. You download the stack installer for your desired application , a few clicks for app paths and the entire LAMP (w/o L on Windows ;)) + open source application is installed smoothly within minutes, like any other well-oiled Windows application installer. 

They do have these stacks for other platforms too including Mac & Linux. Linux enthusiasts & purists may balk at such “default-no-brainer” installations , but IMHO this ease would help wider audience for Linux along with all its offerings and do a collective good, with some really nifty open source applications available to all.
Personally, I would prefer a bit more control on LAMP installation, as I already had most of it.

The most time comsuming part,¬†as with all installations¬†was the most trivial & unexpected..I had four web apps running after this installations, phpWiki & my two(Swing & JSF based) work apps on Tomcat and MediaWiki on Apache…modifying default localhost ports as well as DB ports and getting through corporate firewalls on all these ports was ahem ..a “learning” experience.
Post Wiki installation, next obvious step is to create content..formatting rules for wiki are different and since we are normally conditioned to HTML tags, its lot like reading words with Ps & Rs simultaneously in Greek & English..though MediaWiki has a better user interface,writing in phpWiki is “fun”..another post on it later.

Now all that remains is to test the theory somebody told me long time ago about a wiki@work!!

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