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Tech tid-bits

I absolutely love it when I stumble upon a nifty piece of code and am able to use it to right away at work or pleasure…

You can add a snapshot of a component, placed in a tab, as its tooltip. The code is supplied along with some factory and helper classes in this detailed tutorial but it basically involves overriding the createToolTip() of a JComponent to create a scaled-down-image tooltip and the end result is a web 2.0 esque “preview effect” of a tab. Not at all bad for an older Swing UI application.
( I guess I cant put my work-app screenshots here though I’m really itching to do so)

And I just discovered Google Chrome’s Javascript console (Alt + ) ..I’m sure most of chrome users know its there and many of you must use it already but today was my day to discover it.. and I’m impressed! I have used Firefox’s debugging tools too, but this one is simple to use, debugs your HTML and javascript in a very IDE-esque fashion..right at your browser..

Now it would be perfect, if I could get my ActivexObjects to work in Chrome, the same script works beautifully in IE, maybe a third “discovery” is on it way 😛

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