भुगोलाची किमया की माझी तिन्हीसांज आणि आईची पहाट म्हणजे एकच वेळ..WhatsApp चा नेहमीचा धुमाकोळ आणि त्यातच मग कधीतरी अशी आई कडून नेमकी हाक..
(मला कायमची आठवण म्हणून इथे ब्लॉग वर ही कविता आणि कदाचित अजुन कोणाला तरी पण तितकीच भावेन..)

चिऊताई दार उघड..
दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई
चिऊताई दार उघड !

दार असं लावून,
जगावरती कावून,
किती वेळ डोळे मिटून आत बसशील?
आपलं मन आपणच खात बसशील ?

वारा आत यायलाच हवा!
मोकळा श्वास घ्यायलाच हवा !

दार उघड,
दार उघड,
चिऊताई चिऊताई, दार उघड !

फुलं जशी असतात,
तसे काटेही असतात.
सरळ मार्ग असतो,
तसे फाटेही असतात !

गाणाऱ्या मैना असतात.
पांढरे शुभ्र बगळे असतात.
कधी कधी कर्कश्य काळे
कावळेच फ़क्त सगळे असतात .

कावळ्याचे डावपेच पक्के असतील.
त्याचे तुझ्या घरट्याला धक्के बसतील .

तरीसुद्धा या जगात वावरावंच लागतं.
आपलं मन आपल्यालाच सावरावं लागतं .

दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई,
चिऊताई दार उघड !

सगळंच कसं होणार
आपल्या मनासारखं?
आपलं सुद्धा आपल्याला
होत असतं परकं !

मोर धुंद नाचतो म्हणून
आपण का सुन्न व्हायचं?
कोकीळ सुंदर गातो म्हणून
आपण का खिन्न व्हायचं ?

तुलना करित बसायचं नसतं गं
प्रत्येकाचं वेगळेपण असतं गं !

प्रत्येकाच्या आत
फुलणारं फूल असतं.
प्रत्येकाच्या आत
खेळणारं मूल असतं !

फुलणा-या फुलासाठी,
खेळणा-या मुलासाठी ,

दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई
चिऊताई दार उघड !

निराशेच्या पोकळीमध्ये
काहीसुद्धा घडत नाही.
आपलं दार बंद म्हणून
कुणाचंच अडत नाही !

आपणच आपला मग
द्वेष करू लागतो
आपल्याच अंधाराने
आपलं मन भरू लागतो

पहाटेच्या रंगात तुझं घरटं न्हालं.
तुला शोधित फुलपाखरु नाचत आलं .

चिऊताई चिऊताई
तुला काहीच कळलं नाही .

तुझं दार बंद होतं.
डोळे असून अंध होतं .

बंद घरात बसून कसं चालेल?
जगावरती रुसून कसं चालेल ?

दार उघड
दार उघड चिऊताई
चिऊताई दार उघड !

– मंगेश पाडगावकर


One year later…

Its been an year.
A year of changes…adapting to some.. adapting to terms of the inability of adapting to others.
I lived a time and a phase which I never thought I could or would. Of course I could do it a lot better but I survived…some days barely so…
I know myself as a person lot better now. I know my limits and my strengths. I probably don’t like some things that I see..but I have the clarity now what makes me what I am.  And certain amount of acceptance.
I pray the wisdom follows soon.

The journey has been pretty zig-zag more so on the inside than on the outside. 

As I forsee a curtain raiser.. Its going to be another change  ( funny how going back to what you were seems like a change)… which was kinda pretty predictable… but just the timing of it all makes me believe that my guardian angel hasn’t abandoned me. 🙂

Cooked yet another one

Cooking has recently become a part of my life so much that I cannot ignore to blog about it and I didn’t really want to add it to my existing blog post types 🙂
So if you want to know more, please follow my blog!

Dreaming on..

I have spent most of today’s sweltering California morning walking around. Reason: My toddler wanted to see how long the sidewalk goes. We took a turn and then another..then another..rounded lots of curves, and the sidewalk was always there.

His delightful conclusion : It does not end.

Mommy’s immediate conclusion: Strengthen your core muscles for the hike home to carry him back.

Mommy’s conclusion after a couple of hours and a cold shower:

Follow somebody else’s dreams too. We are constantly bombarded with media, self-help books, blogs etc to follow your dreams..go after them..seize them..achieve them….but why not realize somebody else’s dreams too for a change? Hmm.. but isn’t it going to be a lot more difficult than your own dreams? You don’t have the passion or conviction…heck..you don’t even want it in some places while sometimes you already know what lies at the end of that particular rainbow (case in point : sidewalk).

But still you do it. You do it for the absolute love for the dreamer..like a caring parent does or a hopelessly in love lover does or an understanding partner does.  Or sometimes you do it for the sheer fun of chasing a dream. Since it’s not your dream, the possible disappointment is not yours but the enthusiasm is infectious. And a few times there is this sweet realization that you wanted this all along too. Win-win. All of us have succumbed to somebody’s  “Yaar bass yeh karke dekhna hain”  atleast once. 🙂

So sometimes I am the dreamer, sometimes I am not the dreamer. Sometimes somebody completes my dreams while I chase somebody else’s. But in the sum total of the universe more hopes are nurtured, more dreams are pursued (and if luck favors realized) and that ain’t a bad thing at all in this cynical busy world.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yup..my blog is one place where I am  confident about revealing my age 🙂
As I turn 32 today (an age to have matured and got some wisdom according to Indian colloquium)…another photo blog sums up my feelings perfectly. Had hoped to Somebody by now 🙂
I have a long long way to become the person I want but I definitely know that person and life that I want which I guess is no small deal.
Meanwhile the resolution is to enjoy the journey than to wonder about the next destination.
Happy Birthday to me 😀
Bring out the champagne !!
P.S. My first birthday in P.S.T.

Before we try…

Such a wonderful sentiment…

Why give up before we try 
Feel the lows before the highs 
Clip our wings before we fly away 
I can’t say I came prepared 
I’m suspended in the air 
Won’t you come be in the sky with me 

Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) – Remix –

We all celebrate days to mark & celebrate something which has already happened in our life.

What if we sometimes just reversed it?

Celebrate a hope..a dream, pick a day..maybe even today and then do exactly what you would do, if that dream had been already realized. Go have the celebratory drink for landing the dream job which you will land next year…get a nice dress two sizes smaller which you will fit 6 months later.. buy a compass if you plan to travel when you retire 25 years from now…fill a virtual shopping  cart with the ring which you hope to slip on the “one”‘s  finger someday.

While still being grounded in reality nothing should stop us from nurturing  our hope..celebrating it when it is yet to be tarnished by patina of reality. Dare to imagine. And most important for a tiny slice of time, believe it’s come true.

Maybe that is all the coaxing  our dreams really need to burst on in our lives 🙂