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’13 Roll of Honour

 My 6th roll of honor and I couldn’t keep  up the tradition of posting it on the last day of the year..because the unthinkable happened. I survived an internet blackout for a week which in a super ironical way happened in the unlikeliest corner of the world..Bay Area a.k.a Silicon Valley in the US of A.

So yes before the regular updates..a location update. I am now officially in US for a while..and strangely besides my immediate family ..most of my extended family and good friends have already made this change..so really it does not feel like a ‘foreign’ land..but then in some ways…it does.

So thanks to M..I have a wonderful home with comfiest couches in a room with a sweeping typical Californian view of a road called as guess what..’Innovation Drive’..( yup..the nerd in me is delighted..can it get geekier than this..innovation in bay area..it was meant to be..you see.. 😛 )with highest speed internet I have experienced in my so-called third world life and the blog post can finally be written and posted.

So after 2008, 2009, 2010,2011 &2012 ..here is the list of 2013….let the conches blow


Gizmodo ‘13:

Galaxy Nexus 7 tab  completed my Google ecosystem & now left my laptop necessary only for programming.

Please buy it if you love the whole Android shindig, crisp display, fast tablet and 10 minutes of peace with a toddler.

Got an advanced point and shoot camera. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX200 Point & Shoot. Love the Wi-Fi and HDMI support besides the obvious photo features. Fits in my palm also. A steal for 13K rupees.

And a nice pair of decent headphones
Sony ZX Series Studio Headphones.
They rock my world 🙂

Wheels ‘13:

No luck this year 🙂 and now don’t even have my two wheeler this year 😛

But most probably I was destined to buy one in US..let’s see!

Best Hindi  Film ‘13:

Lunchbox. A gem of a film. Definitely in my all time fav list.

And all the guys I know are gonna tease me no end but liked Jawani Yeah Diwani too..haven’t watched Dhoom 3 etc yet.

Best Marathi Film ‘13:

Lots of good ones were released but didn’t manage to see them..though I guess public opinion in my household would go to Duniyadari

Best English Film ’13

Gravity. An interesting perspective well executed.

Best Book I read in ‘13:

Non-fiction: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead: Sheryl Sandberg …

I guess it’s sort of clichéd and with its share of controversy but overall the book resonated with some of my thoughts.

Fiction :
And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Another glory in Hosseini’s literary career.

Best Food I had in ‘13:

Bengali sweets and the rest of the feast at my brother’s wedding in Kolkata
Also chocolate kulfi for its innovation..its like a chocolate dipped ice cream cone but a kulfi instead.

Best Drink I had in ‘13:

Too much of coffee this year..
And then I discovered Starbucks with its free WiFi.
Winner is Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino® | Starbucks Coffee Company

Best Place I visited in ‘13

Innovation Drive 😀

So overall 2013 has been an eventful year with a relocation in the final week.
This year has shown me lots of good times as well as some bad times but in the chronicles of my life I am happy to have lived this year 🙂

A huge to-do list for 2014 including a monumental resolution which I already have broken four times but still trying..

So best of luck to me and to you all..and ohh yeah..belated Happy New Year!!
May all of you get the very best of everything 🙂


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